An orphan is a child who no longer has a mother or father, or both.

At World Orphan Fund we aim to empower children with the ability, facility and resources to learn, grow and develop within a familiar environment. We ensure the child is not removed from their family as a result of pressure that comes with loss of family wages. We provide various forms of assistance to encourage the child’s immediate or extended family to house them.

Sponsors are crucial in our program as funding allows us to reach out and support more children, in effect enabling and empowering children with the ability, facilities and resources to grow, learn and develop. A monthly orphan sponsorship of $25 minimum per child can cover:

· Compulsory Schooling and Educational Support 

· Cultural and Social Education 

· Emergency Medical Support 

· Dental Treatment to International Standards 

· Recreational Activities and Excursions 

· Regular check-ups and updates on the well-being of your sponsored child. 

Sponsorship is a great opportunity for you to promote your business amongst the community, network with other businesses and support our humanitarian objectives. In particular, our shared passion for the well-being of children will enable us to make a big impact by working together.

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