The journey for World Orphan Fund started in 2011 with an aim to assist the children in Cambodia. Since its beginning, the organization has developed a special relationship with Cambodian communities to facilitate the various forms of charity work carried out, namely orphan sponsorship.

Who is an Orphan? How do we Help?


Orphan: |noun|

An orphan is a child who no longer has a mother or father, or both.

At World Orphan Fund we aim to empower children with the ability, facility and resources to learn, grow and develop within a familiar environment. We ensure the child is not removed from their family as a result of pressure that comes with loss of family wages. We provide various forms of assistance to encourage the child’s immediate or extended family to house them.

An important pre-emptive objective is to raise awareness in Cambodian communities about the factors that play a role in the increasing number of orphans. This includes a strong focus on education and practical skills that will enable our children to become more active in their local and broader community.

Sponsorships allow vulnerable children to succeed academically and prevent the occurrence of forced labor that is prevalent in some villages. Our dedicated team in Cambodia is also active in locating cases of smuggling and trafficking by child sex offenders and taking these children into our program.

What does the sponsorship cover?

Once a child enters our program they are cared for until the age of 18. At this point you have an option to continue educational sponsorship to cover costs of university or other tertiary studies. Your monthly contribution will cover:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • General living expenses
  • Protection against CSO (Child Smugglers)
  • Recreational Activities

How much does it cost to sponsor an Orphan?

Since 2011, World Orphan Fund has been working on long term sustainability projects to localize the support network and to provide more in-house services for the orphans. This includes dental and medical needs.

World Orphan Fund has introduced flexible payment options to sponsor an orphan. The first option is to cover the sponsorship of a child each month. This cost is AUD$55 per month(US$35).
The second option is group sponsorship whereby you can donate a portion of the sponsorship cost monthly. You can choose to donate however much you wish.

When does my sponsorship start? What if I am late with my payments?

Your sponsorship starts as soon as your first payment is processed. You will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need to know. You will also be added onto our subscription list to receive updates including photos and information on current and future projects the team is working on.

If you are late in making payments we will continue to support your orphan on your behalf so that they are never left without sustenance however please notify us. We will balance the account once the money is retrieved from you.

You can cancel at any time however please ensure you give 30 days notice.

How do I make payments?


We have various options for orphan sponsorship payments:

Cash – (Available for Sydney residents only)


Bank transfer via online banking:

Bendigo Bank
Account Name: World Orphan Fund Inc
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 147459192
Swift Code: BENDAU3B (International Transfers Only)




You can opt into our Direct Debit option to have the payments automatically taken out of your account each month.

To begin your Orphan Sponsorship, you can click here and begin to change a life today!