World Orphan Fund is a local community based organisation inspired by 30 years of humanitarian aid work. At WOF our accomplishments speak louder than our words.

wofZIt has only taken 3 years for World Orphan Fund to make immense progress in its current country of focus, Cambodia. A major initiative was to create a new WOF team and support network to facilitate access to emergency relief and medical aid. Our major initiatives in the orphan sponsorship program are tertiary education, medical, dental and recreational activities. World Orphan Fund supports the non-institutionalization of orphaned children.

As a result of successful completion of these goals, initiatives of self-sustainability are currently in effect in multiple forms. This includes the purchases of land for environmentally sustainable practice, carbon-offset projects, land cultivation of farmland and machinery.

Its current aim is to be a part of the ongoing regrowth of the Cambodian community from grassroots by equipping the locals with the skills they need to kick-start their self sustainable farming projects through education and on-ground professional assistance, essentially, realistically minimizing poverty from its source. This then moves us to the various social enterprises underway: successful and proven pioneered solutions for the rural Cambodian community. In this fashion, World Orphan Fund aims to provide self-sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the people and surroundings.

In order to achieve all of this we accept ongoing donations in the form of General Donations, Zakaat and Sadaqa. Every year we have our Adhiya/Qurban, Ramadan(#FEED8PEOPLE) programs and of course Orphan Sponsorship as well as further education Orphan Sponsorship (For those Orphans who have completed High School but wish to further their educational and employment opportunities).


World Orphan Fund strives to alleviate the struggles of orphans and the underprivileged, whether it be resulting from a natural disaster, war affected areas, poverty or human rights abuses, in South East Asia with our vision partners.

World Orphan Fund (WOF) is an Australian non-government aid organisation (NGO) and World Orphan Fund Cambodia is our on-the-ground, full-time professional team which focuses on the development and implementation of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in Southeast Asia. WOF is an independent, apolitical organisation. No volunteers or executive committee members receive wages, salaries or any royalties.

Australian Business Number ( ABN ) 87736848225
Incorporation No: INC 9896174