100% Donation Policy

World Orphan Fund runs on 0% administrative fees with 100% of donations being forwarded directly to the prescribed cause for the sake of the needy. When it comes to our volunteers no rewards is needed nor thanks, a policy strictly upheld at World Orphan Fund. Thus 100% of your Qurban payment will go to the value of meat distributed.


Humane Slaughter

World Orphan Fund volunteers ensure the utmost care is taken when animals selected, housed and then moved for slaughtering during Qurban, ensuring Halal standards are upheld to the highest degree. Unique to World Orphan Fund is the respect and gratefulness we hold for our flora and fauna population including cows, sheep and the like distributed to the needy and cruel living standards and slaughtering practicing are not tolerated. After all, Halal standards include a DUTY to be kind .


Environmentally Friendly

World Orphan Fund is working hard to go green. As Muslims grateful of the countless blessings we are afforded everyday World Orphan Fund Inc is working to give back to the earth we exploit on a daily basis for the basic life necessities we take for granted. A variety of our projects now incorporate green practices in order to ensure this is done for the sake of our earth and Allahu ta’ala. For Qurban this year, we aim to plant a tree for every Qurban collected! Just another example of pushing your Qurban further.


5 Months Worth of Meat

The average income in Cambodia is $50/$60 per month. World Orphan volunteers have seen this with their own eyes. In the city it’s about $100.00 per month. World Orphan Fund works remotely hence the income is not as high as those within city living standards. A cows dry carcass costs $15.00 per kilo = ¼ of an individual’s wage. If they’re lucky they spend $6.00 = 10% of their wage on meat = 100 grams of meat in total.
World Orphan Fund Inc gives 5 kilograms of meat, valued at $75.00 for 5 months.
The reason why this quantity is given to last 5 months is because, naturally, the poor do not own fridges nor have enough to pay to cover electricity bills to keep these fridges running. Meat can only be preserved for a total duration of months, hence our reasons for not providing 10 months worth of meat.


Donate with Bank Transfer

Bank Name: Bendigo Bank
Account Name: World Orphan Fund Inc
Account Number: 147465355
BSB Number: 633-000
Reference: 2017 CAM QRB
Swift Code: BENDAU3B

Please add the code “2017 CAM QRB” as a description with your bank deposit or transfer.

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